Francis Tafoya
(505) 922-6512

Board of Regents

Back Row (standing) L-R: Francis Tafoya, Hershel Muniz, Chad Susan, Vernon Scott, Larry Schurz
Front Row (sitting) L-R: Dr. Kathryn Manuelito, Dr. Angelita Felix, Dr. Sherry Allison, Darva Randolph, Esther Peterson,

SIPI is governed by an eleven member Board of Regents (BOR) who represent and are appointed by the following tribal entities: Jicarilla Apache Tribe, Mescalero Apache Tribe, Navajo Tribe (New Mexico & Arizona), Eight Northern Pueblos, Ten Southern Pueblos, Southern Ute Tribe, Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona, Joint Oklahoma Tribes, Great Plains Tribal Chairman's Association, and the SIPI Student Senate. The BOR works with the administration in determining goals and activities for long-range development. In 1974 the BOR incorporated in the State of New Mexico and the following year received IRS determination as a Non-Profit Organization under Section 501(c)(3).

The Board of Regents has an office in the Occupational Technologies Building at SIPI. This office houses an accountant, a Program Assistant and the coordinators of several grant programs that benefit SIPI.

Current BOR Members

Darva Randolph
Ten Southern Pueblos

Hershel Muniz
Jicarilla Apace Nation

Larry Schurz
Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona

A Gay Kingman
Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association

Dr. Kathryn Manuelito
Navajo Nation-New Mexico

Esther Peterson
Navajo Nation-Arizona

Vernon Scott
Mescalero Apache Tribe

Francis Tafoya
Eight Northern Pueblos

Darrell Flyingman
Oklahoma Tribes

Chad Susan
Student Senate President

Dr. Angelita Felix
Alternate Member
Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association

Walter Howe
Alternate Member
Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Dr. Sherry Allison
Ex-Officio Member
SIPI President


The Board of Regents has an office in the Occupational Technologies Building at SIPI. Current BOR staff includes the following persons:

Vonne Strobbe, Financial Education Project Coordinator, Vonne.Strobbe@BIE.EDU, (505) 346-7709

Nancy Garcia, FEEP Coordinator, Nancy.Garcia@BIE.EDU,  (505) 922-4090

Nelson Martinez, BOR Accountant, Nelson.Martinez@BIE.EDU, (505) 792-2764

Priscilla Martin, Program Assistant, Priscilla.Martin@BIE.EDU,  (505) 922-6512

Alexander McMahon, Grants Officer, Alexander.Mcmahon@BIE.EDU