David Kupsick Supervisor
(505) 346-2323 Office
(505) 346-2343 Fax
OT Bldg Room 163J

Security Guard On-Duty
(505) 263-7531 Cell
GEL, Room 123

Campus Safety and Security Department


The Mission of the SIPI Safety and Security Department is to create an atmosphere of academic excellence and student support services by providing a safe and secure environment.

  • SIPI Code of Conduct Definitions (in PDF format)

  • BIE Policy for Addressing & Responding to Sexual Violence & Abuse at BIE Post-Secondary Institutions

  • Crime awareness and public safety

  • Alcohol and drug policies

  • Student Code of Conduct  - SIPI Student Handbook 2015 (in PDF format)

  • Campus security guide

  • Missing persons procedures and student option to designate a contact person

  • Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures

  • Fire and Safety Report

  • Clery report - crime stats

  • Drug-Free Workplace - In accordance with Executive Order 12564, Drug Free Federal Workplace, dated September 15, 1986, SIPI's policy was issued September 19, 1989, in fulfillment of federal requirements. This policy prohibits the unlawful use of controlled substances in the workplace, provides penalties for employees convicted of drug-related violations on the job, and establishes employee awareness and couseling resources.

  • Immunizations - institutional policies regarding vaccinations

  • Crime Statistics and Security Policies

  • Sex Offender Registration

  • Student Code of Conduct: Copyright Infringement

  • SIPI's Copyright Compliance Policy

  • If you want to report a crime or want more information, please contact:

    David Kupsick, Supervisior
    (505) 346-2323 Office
    (505) 346-2347 Fax

    Security Guard On-Duty

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    External Links:

    Albuquerque Crime Stoppers Inc. - Not Alone, Together Against Sexual Assault
    US Department of Education, Campus Security
    National Sex Offender Public Registry
    New Mexico Sex Offender Website
    Bernalillo County GIS 'Reported Crime Incidents' Web Application
    Security on Campus, Inc.