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Mission, Values, Goals


Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute is a National Indian Community College that prepares Native American students to be productive life-long learners as tribal members in an ever-changing global environment. As a land grant institution, SIPI partners with tribes, employers, and other organizations with a stake in Indian education. An enduring commitment to student success is the hallmark of SIPI’s operations.


By the year 2020, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI) will solidify its position as a preeminent higher learning institution, providing a range of career and transfer opportunities for Native learners throughout the United States including Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Recognized for its unwavering commitment to success for all students, SIPI is innovative in the pursuit of educational excellence. SIPI collaborates with tribes and other entities with a stake in Indian education. SIPI’s graduates are proud of their Native American culture in a pluralistic, globalized world and are ready to compete with the best graduates from colleges and universities anywhere.


  • Make learner success the core work of Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute.

  • Develop new programs, strengthen existing programs, and recruit students to respond directly to the current and projected demographic and economic trends of Indian tribes, the state in which they are located, the nation, and the world.

  • Promote the health and economic vitality of Indian tribes and communities through dynamic partnerships, coalitions, and collaborations.

  • Expand the use of instructional technology to enhance student learning.

  • Make better use of existing data and information; create new actionable information and customers for this information to support SIPI's operational and strategic planning efforts.

  • Provide new and expanded opportunities for faculty and staff development that supports an atmosphere of excellence in academics and student support services.

Value Statements

As a national Indian Community College, SIPI will adhere to the following values within its structure, policies and practices:

Respect for tribal sovereignty, self-determination, self-governance and recognition of treaty obligations.

The college recognizes that Indian nations exist as sovereign nations with the inherent right of self-determination and self-governance. SIPI will accomplish its goals within this scope through collaborative partnerships with tribal entities.


Recognizing the impact of global trends on Indian nations, the college strives to deliver culturally, socially, and economically relevant information, training, and services that will offer long-term solutions and encourage life-long learning among students. Furthermore, through the process of education, the college will work with tribal communities to reclaim and integrate traditional indigenous knowledge into a context that will meet their needs.

Respect for Diversity

The college values and supports diversity within its structure and within the individuals and communities that are served.

Holistic Approaches

The college will provide holistic learning environment for students including affective, cognitive and social enhancement.

Integrity and Professionalism

The college strives to provide the highest quality instruction, services, and learning resources to American Indian and Alaska Native students and communities.

Service to Tribal Nations

The college works with tribal nations and public and private industry in setting a direction and through its many education/training programs, workshops, conferences, and grant/contract-supported projects; the college works to assist tribal nations in dealing with complex challenges and opportunities.

Promote Educational Excellence for All Native Americans

The college will foster partnerships with other organizations and consortiums that promote educational access and excellence for all Native Americans.