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Office of the President


Message from Dr. Sherry Allison, President of SIPI

Ya’ at’eeh (Greetings)!

I am pleased that you have made the choice to enroll as a student at Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI), or are contemplating becoming one. We are a proud National Indian Community College where student success is our first commitment. We will strive to provide you with a learning environment that is challenging, yet supportive of your personal interests and needs. We want you to succeed while you are here, and equally important, we want to help prepare you for life and work beyond SIPI.

As the President of SIPI, I enjoy working alongside our students, faculty, staff and members of our Board of Regents to make SIPI the best it can be. Although we have made tremendous strides, there is still much to do. SIPI is a very special place-we are a small college but offer plenty of opportunities. "Expect Sucess" is our motto and we have witnessed numerous accomplishments of our students, faculty and staff; I therefore encourage any American Indian/Alaskan Native student to seriously consider SIPI to further your educational goals. We are a proud tribal college founded on the principles of respect for our American Indian and Alaskan Native culture and traditions, dedication to the attainment of individual academic achievement and the respect for, and responsibility to the diversity of all people.

We are extremely proud of the services and curriculum we provide to our students; however, above of all—we are particularly proud of our students. Many of our graduates have successfully transferred to four year colleges; and, many have moved on to great careers in science, technology, engineering, teaching, early childhood, natural resources, culinary arts, vision care and many more occupations. We are committed to continue our history of being of service to Indian people and nations.

As stated in our mission: “We establish a strong educational foundation for student success.”, with this commitment, SIPI plans on being a vital partner in the growth, prosperity and good health of our Indian Nations; please join us!

Ahe’hee doo Nizhonigo Naninaa’ doo’ (Thank you and may you walk in beauty).

President's Office Mission

The mission of the President’s Office is to provide leadership dedicated to the achievement of learner success, effective communication and excellence in Higher Education

President's Office Vision

The President’s Office promotes a vision that SIPI will be the preeminent higher learning institution that supports post-secondary opportunities to shape a better future for all Native American people.

President's Office Values:

  • Values integrity and accountability.
  • Values respect for self.
  • Values respect for diverse cultures.
  • Values its sense of community.
  • Values the importance of data in supporting decisions.
  • Values open and honest communication.
  • Honors indigenous culture, language, and self-determination.
  • Is a mission-driven institution.