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Admissions and Records

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI) accepts as students American Indian and Alaskan Natives, who must meet one of two tribal affiliation criteria:

  1. verification of US Federal tribal membership from a Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) agency or tribal census office; or
  2. must be one-quarter percent or more blood quantum of a federally recognized tribe(s), verified by either a BIA agency or tribal census office.
  • Minimum age of acceptance to SIPI is 17 years of age.
  • Accepted students who are 17 years of age are not eligible to reside in the lodges until their 18th birthday.

Documents needed for Admission:

  • Admission Application
  • Verification of Tribal Affiliation
  • Official High School Transcript (showing graduation date)
  • Transfer students must provide all official College transcripts
  • Health Physical (can be turned in 30 days after instruction begins)
  • Immunization Record (can be turned in 30 days after instruction begins)
  • DD 214 Form (if claiming veteran status)

Reporting any false information on a student’s application may be grounds for denying admission or suspension form the institution. The Admissions Office will not be able to copy, transfer, or return documents submitted for admission to SIPI. All accepted new and transfer students are required to take the ACT Compass Test for placement. Based on the student’s placement and individual minimum test scores, the student may be required to enroll in Developmental Studies or Technical Preparation courses.


Effective Fall 2005 Trimester
All fees must be paid in full (money order only) prior to registering for classes. Fees will be collected during registration.

Lodge Full-Time Student - 12 Credit Hours or More: $280.00

Commuter Full-Time Student - 12 Credit Hours or More: $225.00

Commuter Part-Time Student - 11 Credit Hours or Less: $150.00

  • The student accounting office accepts MONEY ORDERS ONLY.
  • Other forms of acceptable payment for fees are federal and/or tribal government checks.
  • Transcript request should be in writing and include the student’s social security number and birth date or use the from below.
  • Official transcripts cannot be faxed.
  • Students with outstanding debts to the college must take off the debt before a transcript is requested.

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