Christopher Harrington
Department Chair
Business Education Bldg.
(505) 346-2364

Tanya Lee
Administrative Assistant
(505) 346-2353
Fax: (505) 346-2321

Liberal Arts and Business Education

The Liberal Arts and Business Technologies Department provides a general education in the areas of Accounting, Business Administration, Liberal Arts, and Early Childhood Education, that will prepare students upon graduation with the abilities to enter the workforce and/or continue their studies of higher education.

Students who pursue majors in their program of studies within the department acquire an in-depth knowledge of their discipline allowing students to continue life-long learning in an ever-changing local and global environment.

Program of Studies
Department Goals
  • To enable students to graduate with a certificate or degree and enter the business world.
  • To transition students into a four-year college or university.
  • To utilize the services of a professional advisory committee composed of individuals from business and government agencies, to provide advice to business faculty and administrators as to changes within the business sector that will impact the curricula, to keep it current and relevant.

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