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Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts Associate of Arts Degree provides for the transfer purpose of baccalaureate study. Additionally, the Liberal Arts curriculum supports degree program requirements throughout other SIPI instructional departments.

The Liberal Arts program provides education to students in a variety of disciplines; including Communications, Mathematics, Laboratory Science, Social Behavioral Science, Humanities and Fine Arts, Technology, Health, and Physical Education.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Liberal Arts degree program is to prepare students to live in and contribute to a complex and multicultural world as productive life-long learners in an ever-changing global environment. The Liberal Arts program is committed to providing student learning experiences meant to develop and enhance such abilities as critical thinking, communication (written and oral), interpersonal skills, cultural appreciation, and analysis of the world through mathematics and science. Those students who complete the Liberal Arts requirements will possess the knowledge and the mental acuity essential to their development as individuals, tribal members, and global citizens.


1. The Liberal Arts program will prepare students for transferability to a four-year college with two years of undergraduate credit.
2. Students will be able to use their education to find gainful employment.

Program Outcomes

Liberal Arts Associate of Arts Degree Outcomes:
Student Learning Outcome/Core Competency:
  • Program graduates will be able to demonstrate effective communication skills.
  • Program graduates will be able to make effective use of information and technology.
  • Program graduates will be able to demonstrate critical thinking skills in the analysis of data.
  • Program graduates will be able to demonstrate an awareness of local and global issues.

Liberal Arts Program of Study (PDF format)

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