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Admissions and Financial Aid - Transfers

Transfer students will be admitted to SIPI in good standing, if previous college cumulative grade point is 2.0 and above. Transfer students with a grade point average that is below a 2.0 may be admitted on academic probation. Grades earned in courses taken at other institutions are not included in the calculation of SIPI grade point average. Transfer students who have less than 24 college transferable hours will be asked to submit an official high school transcript showing a date of graduation. Official high school and college transcripts submitted to the Admissions Office become the property of the institution and will not be copied, transferred, or returned to the student.

Evaluation of Credit
Admissions must have an official transcript before a course transfer decision will be considered. A student must first contact his/her academic advisor for course transfer consideration. If the advisor confirms the course(s) fit in the student’s program of studies, then a SIPI College Course Credit Transfer form is completed. The signed form will be routed to the department chairperson and Vice President of Academic Programs and for final approval by the Admissions Office.

Transfer Credits
If a credit from another college is to be accepted toward a SIPI certificate or degree then the following must apply: An official transcript is required for evaluation. Admissions will evaluate the transfer credits and the academic department will determine which transfer credits are acceptable toward the student’s program of studies. Transfer credits in any degree program of study offered by SIPI must have a letter grade of “C” or higher, provided the classes are similar or equivalent to courses offered at SIPI. A minimum of twenty-four (24) residency hours in a core area is required for the award of a certificate or degree. Official transcripts submitted to SIPI Admissions and Records become the property of the institution and will not be transferred or returned to the student. Only credits from regionally accredited institutions are transferrable. To receive transfer credit for career and technical courses, the student must request that SIPI's Records Office refer the transcript(s) to the appropriate academic division for review. An interview and/or demonstration of competence may be required before the decision regarding credit is made. Demonstration of competence is required for all transfer credit more than ten(10) years old. Remedial courses and upper-division courses, 300 & 400 levels, are not generally transferable.

Quarter System Evaluation
SIPI operates on a Trimester college year. Transfer courses from a post-secondary institution that uses a quarter system will be recalculated to trimester hours (one quarter hour equals 2/3 (.66) trimester hour) to determine acceptability.

Military Credits
Credit for military service is granted to those students who have served in the armed forces. Credit for Physical Education (1 credit) and Health (2 credits) may be granted, provided the course(s) is/are part of the student’s program of study. The prospective student must provide a Department of Defense Form 214 (DD Form 214), to the Director, Admissions during the application process.

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