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Clubs and Organizations
  • AISES – American Indian Science Education Society

  • Apache Club

  • Basketball Club

  • Culinary Arts Club

  • Financially Fit

  • GSA – Gay Straight Alliance

  • Hip Hop Club

  • Indigenous Descent

  • Miss SIPI

  • Natural Resources

  • NOI - Native Optical Image

  • PTK – Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

  • Roadrunners

  • SIPI Rodeo Club

  • Student Senate

  • Warriors

  • Warriorettes

Starting a New Club?

Here is what you’ll need to do:
  1. Find currently enrolled SIPI students who are all interested in starting a new club. (You may want to schedule a meeting to see how many students are interested in participating.)

  2. Find a SIPI staff or faculty member who is willing to be your sponsor by attending club meeting, assist with any paperwork and to be an adviser when needed.

  3. The organization shall have a written set of by-laws detailing:

    • The Mission or Purpose of the organization.
    • The selection process for the leaders.
    • Any relationship to an academic program or department?
    • Number of required meeting times.
    • A faculty or staff advisor.
    • A method for amending the by-laws.
    • Approved signatures for the plan.

  4. The club or organization must be student-led, as determined by the Student Senate Government and must be directed primarily by students.

  5. The club or organization must be open to the entire student body, except for certain clubs who have restrictive guidelines (example: PTK).

  6. Schedule a date, to be placed on the Student Senate Meeting Agenda for your club members and advisor.

  7. The Student Senate Government will vote to charter clubs or organizations. (The Student Senate Government may vote to grant a conditional charter for those organizations that fail to meet the requirements. A member of the student senate government will be assigned to assist the club or organization in meeting all the requirements for a full charter.)

  • Student Life Committee