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Rodeo Club

Mission Statement:

“The primary purpose shall be to promote SIPI students to attend and continue their education through incentive participation of student rodeo club participation.”

Our Purpose:

We are an established chartered SIPI student organization in which all net proceeds support the SIPI Rodeo Club, and is part of the Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI) educational facilities. With our motto “ Learn by Doing” ideals, no other college has produced more interest then SIPI. The Rodeo Club has encouraged may students to attend college and has been instrumental in helping young athletes obtain a first-class education and become individuals we can respect for their strong character and commitment to excellence. “SIPI Rodeo Club” started in 2010. Over the past year the SIPI staff helped keep the Rodeo Club strong. We are very Proud of the SIPI Administration and the new direction that we are taking.


Fundraise thru events and activities by the rodeo club students.


  • Athletic award presentation for current and new students
  • Animal welfare and horsemanship clinics for rodeo students
  • Support student educational activities thru participation of events and activities
  • Team member organization

SIPI Rodeo Club started in the fall trimester of 2010, It has a positive effect on the students, as a club we are like family and treat each other with respect. We are always looking for new members, ANYBODY can join!

The SIPI Rodeo Club holds its meetings on the third Thursday of each month @ 6:00pm in the ASC Building.

Rodeo Club Activities Pictures:

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