Cecelia Cometsevah, PhD, LMHC
(505) 922-4093

The SIPI Academic Support Center
A Division of SIPI Student Services

Welcome to the website of SIPI’s Academic Support Center. Our Academic Support Mission is to provide student support in areas of tutoring, academic support, personal and academic counseling, and placement/employment to promote student success.

Our objectives are to provide Academic Support Services by increasing coaching services through tutoring, increasing academic and personal counseling services through career guidance to include the promotion of healthy lifestyles for our students. Our focus for student success is to further increase educational awareness through transitioning, First Year experiences, career and testing services, disability awareness, employment/placement, and our aim is to increase retention and graduation.

SIPI’s Academic Support Center consists of a variety of services and programs under SIPI’s Division of Student Support Services. These programs include:

  • SIPI’s Counseling Services (links coming soon!)

    • Academic Counseling
      SIPI Academic Counselor’s provide academic counseling for First Year and continuing students, advises on matters of curriculum, course and degree requirements, transfer credit evaluation, and graduation counseling and clearance. The Academic Counseling center provides the following:
      • Career Advisement
      • Career Interest Inventories
      • Transitioning
    • Personal Counseling (links coming soon)
      SIPI provides student support for drug and alcohol use and mental health concerns campus wide and is contracted with two community health services and programs.
      • First Nations Community Health Source
        • Behavioral Health-Location: OT#105
          Linda Anderson, LADAC-Substance Abuse Counselor
          Mike Lande, LPCC, LADAC-Mental Health Counselor
          (505) 346-2331 (SIPI) / (505) 262-0625 (First Nations)

        • HIV Prevention-Location: Four Winds Lodge
          Devona Kanesta, HIV Preventionist
          Leah Carpenter-Kish, HIV Preventionist
          (Link to First Nations Application)
          (Link to First Nations Website)

      • Indian Health Services (IHS)-Public Health Service
        • I.H.S.-Albuquerque. Service Unit (505) 248-5200
        • Behavioral Health Services-Intake 248-4013/4012
        • Contract Health Services 248-5200
        • SIPI Dental Clinic 346-2306
        • Link to Contract Health School Form)
        • Link to Indian Health Service-Albuquerque Service Unit)

      • Other medical facilities (Link to UNMH-Native Services, Prebytarian, Lovelace Medical, Lovelace Medical Hospital)
  • Testing Services
    • ACT Testing
  • Disability Resources and Services
    Students with Special Needs who need accommodations on the SIPI campus, please see Cecelia Cometsevah, PhD, LMHC, Academic Support Center, Rm#35. The Academic Support Center will assist students with disabilities with accommodations in the classroom and residential area. Students with disabilities must self-identify at the higher education level and please bring supporting documentation. The Academic Support Center will work with students on external services at the local, state, federal, and tribal levels. If you would like to visit our campus, please call, and we will make the necessary arrangements for your visitation.
  • SIPI’s Enrollment & Placement Services (link coming soon!)

Location: SIPI’s ASC is located on south of the SIPI Administration Bldg. The building is known as the Academic Support Center.

ASC Summer 2013 Hours
Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. -5:30p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Contact Information:
SIPI Academic Support Center
Cecelia Cometsevah, PhD, LMHC
9169 Coors NW / P.O. Box 10146
Albuquerque, NM 87114
(505) 922-4093, Email: