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Welcome to the Academic Support Center (ASC)
Coaching Services!

  • About ASC Coaching

    • Mission and Vision
      • ASC Coaching Mission Statement: Our tutoring mission is to empower our students with the skills to become confident, effective, independent learners and to improve their academic achievement. The tutoring center’s mission will be accomplished by maintaining a commitment to the students’ educational endeavors.
      • ASC Coaching Vision Statement: The tutoring center’s vision is to contribute to student success and to encourage students to become lifelong learners.
      • Coaching Brochure

    • Location and Hours
      • Located in the Academic Support Center
      • Hours
        • Fall 2014: Monday through Thursday 8am-7:30pm and Friday 8am-5:00pm
        • For Mid-Term and Final Examinations, the ASC will remain open. Please see Coaching staff for more information. Spring & Summer 2015 Hours: TBA
        • Spring and Fall Hours: TBA

    • Learn more about ASC Coaching Staff
      • Educational Technician(s)
        • Stephen Haskie (Profile coming soon!)

      • Peer Tutors

        • Volunteer Tutors
          • Ralph Kelly
          • Sharon Harrison

        • Employment Information
          • Peer Tutors are hired at the beginning of each trimester through:
            • a financial aid Work-Study request
            • the Adult Basic Education Program
            • Tutor Application (inquire at the tutoring center)

      • Coming Soon! Workshops
        • Workshops on various topics such as: the Library Search Engine, SIPI Cloud, Microsoft Office (Word, Publisher, PowerPoint)
    • Coming Soon! Supplemental Instruction