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Adult & Developmental Education

Mission Statement
To enable adult learners to be literate, productive, and successful in higher education, the workplace, home, and community by delivering responsive adult education programs and services.

Adult Basic Education and Developmental Education
SIPI’s Adult Basic Education (ABE) and Developmental Education program seeks to ensure that students have every opportunity to be successful in achieving their individual goals. The ABE goal is to provide students with the basic educational and life skills required for completing their High School Equivalence Certificate (passing either the HiSET or HSE tests), ABE and/or Developmental Education Programs, which will prepare the student to enter or retain employment and/or continue on to a degree or certificate program. The ability for students to better meet these goals is aligned with SIPI’s mission and its commitment to develop long-term goals to ensure support and assistance to Tribal communities. SIPI’s affirmation of the belief that each person’s worth and dignity is of the utmost importance while attending the institution. Understanding that each individual student has the potential to impact the SIPI community, their home community and the global community is what compels SIPI to honor each student and their worth.

SIPI’s ABE and Developmental Education programs have competencies and learning objectives that are aligned with its institutional mission as well as the State of New Mexico’s Adult Basic Education program. Assurance that its ABE and Developmental Education curricula assist adults in becoming literate; obtaining knowledge and skills necessary for employment and self-sufficiency; obtaining knowledge and skills necessary for entering and being successful in post-secondary training or education; obtaining the educational skills necessary to become full partners in their children’s education; and completing their secondary school education are congruent with SIPI’s mission and is ensured through curriculum formatting, adopted and monitored by the College’s Curriculum Committee.
More information regarding the State of New Mexico's Adult Education:  NM Higher Education Department - Adult Education

Program Goals and Learning Outcomes
Adult Basic Education and Developmental Education Program Goals:

“SIPI students will have the foundational building blocks that will allow them to transfer and succeed in college-level courses.”

Adult Basic Education and/or Developmental Education Learning Outcomes:
  1. Students will successfully complete 98 or 99 level courses and move to a higher level
  2. Students will succeed in 100 level courses

Adult Basic Education/Developmental Education
Basic Skills Development Classes:  
English 098  Basic Writing
English 099 Basic English Skills
English 100 Writing Standard English
Math 098 Basic Mathematics I
Math 099 Basic Mathematics II
Math 100 Mathematics III
Reading 098 Basic Reading Skills
Reading 099 Reading Improvement
Reading 100 Reading and Critical Thinking

High School Equivalence (HSE) (53.0201)
English 093 HSE Writing
Social Science 093 HSE Social Science
Science 093 HSE Science
Literature 093 HSE Literature
Math 093 HSE Mathematics
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