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Environmental Science


The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Environmental Science is a five-trimester course of study designed to prime students for productive engagement in water and mineral resources sampling, waste management, environmental quality control and current issues like Climate Change. It covers these topics with a specific emphasis on Tribal, public and federal agency needs, but also seeks to supply its graduates with skills applicable to the private sector and non-profit employment. The first year of the program involves General Education requirements and program core courses, while the second year is devoted to specialized course work and field labs. The curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for work in field and laboratory settings. It is also structured to allow continuing students to transfer relevant credits to higher degree programs.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Environmental Science Program is to provide students with functional up-to-date technical skills that include a strong general basis in general education and training in scientific reasoning. Its curriculum is designed to allow post graduate employment or transfer into to four-year baccalaureate programs. Moreover, Environmental Science Program aims to enrich these basic educational objectives with opportunities for internships, extracurricular professional development, and community engagement.

The primary goal of the Environmental Science Program is to provide high-quality education for students and convey skills that will further their employment or follow-on education in the field.
• Graduates seeking post graduate employment will find positions as technicians or support staff in the field
• Graduates seeking ongoing education in Environmental Science will be able to transfer credits into existing baccalaureate programs.
Environmental Science Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degree Outcomes:
• Students completing the program will utilize relevant terminology fluently to describe commonly encountered environmental problems and remediation strategies
• Students completing the program will operate competently in standard Environmental Science contexts, whether these involve individual or team-related work
• Students completing the program will employ current Environmental Science theory and practice appropriately in professional and policy settings
• Students completing the program will be able to utilize a wide array of modern tools to document, measure, and analyze environmental data

Associate of Applied Science Degree (CIP: 03.9999V)
First Trimester    
ENGL 101 Composition 3
- - Social/Behavioral Science/Humanities Elective 3
BIOL 121/L General Biology with Lab 4
MATH 121 College Algebra 3
Total Credits   13
Second Trimester    
ENGL 219 Technical Writing 3
GIT 111 Introduction to GIS/GPS 3
ENVS 121/L Environmental Science I with Lab 4
 -  - Social/Behavioral Science/Humanities Elective 3
Total Credits   13
Third Trimester    
CHEM 121/L General Chemistry I with Lab 4
 -  - Select from: GEOL 101/L or CHEM 122/L 4
MATH   Select from: MATH 123 (Trigonometry) or MATH 145 (Statistics) 3
AGTC 102 Fundamentals of Soils 3
Total Credits   14
Fourth Trimester    
NATR 200 General Ecology with Lab 4
ENVS 125 Environmental Regulations 3
ENVS 123 Field Methods in Environmental Science 3
ENVS 122/L Environmental Science II with Lab 4
Total Credits   14
Fifth Trimester    
ENVS 201 Contemporary Issues in Environmental Science 3
ENVS 211 Tribal Environmental Management and Planning 3
ENVS 290 Special Topics in Environmental Science 1-4
ENVS 280 Environmental Science Program Internship 3
Total Credits   10