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Masks Must be worn indoors effective 11/7/2022
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DOI Talent Employee Info

Employees accessing the BIE network, are required to complete these modules listed below annually. You should be receiving email training alerts sent by DOI-TALENT.  If you have completed the training(s) disregard and backup screenshot of completed course in case HR needs a copy.


 *** Users without a valid PIV card can still access these links to complete their training.


DOI Training Streaming/Download Page

**Ensure that you save a copy of the course completion certificate and provide the certificate to your supervisor.


External Learners to create NEW account; If you don’t have an account and you are instructed to create an account by your immediate supervisor.


Required 2020 modules to be completed:

•        Federal Information Systems Security Awareness (FISSA)

•        DOI Rules of Behavior

•        Privacy Awareness

•        Records Management

•        Section 508 Compliance


Following courses for Fiscal Year (FY) 2020

Training Requirement

Notes / Tips for Success

Cybersecurity, FISSA, Section 508, Records Mgmnt, Privacy,CUI & Quiz

For the FY 2020 training cycle, the Department created desk reference sheets with information and links to additional resources on the topics listed to the left. To demonstrate that you understand the content you must pass the 14-question cybersecurity and privacy quiz.

DOI Rules of Behavior

This is currently the most overlooked, and yet the easiest component to complete.

Role-Based Privacy Training (RBPT)

This requirement only applies to individuals who received the RBPT Course Assignment Notification in June 2018 via email.

·         OJS Staff: Take the Privacy and Civil Liberties in the Information Sharing Environment (RBPT)

·         HR and EEO Staff: Take the Privacy for HR and EEO Professionals (RBPT)

·         Application and Business Owners: Take the Privacy for System Managers (RBPT)

·         Supervisors: Take the Privacy for Supervisors Course (RBPT) Course

·         Everyone Else: Take the Privacy for Information Technology (IT) Personnel eBook (RBPT)

NOTE: Only one course is required. If you fit into more than one group, pick the course that is higher on the list above.

Role-Based Privacy Training (RBPT)Certification

To receive credit for completing this requirement, please be sure to self-certify completion of the appropriate RBPT from the row above. This requirement only applies to individuals who received the RBPT Course Assignment Notification email in June FY18

Role-Based Security Training (RBST) Certification

Don’t forget to self-certify.