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Network Management


Mission Statement
The Network Management Program endeavors to provide students with technical training in computer network technologies that will qualify graduates for job opportunities in a wide range of industry settings.
Network Management Associate of Applied Science Degree
The Network Management curriculum is based on the CISCO Systems Networking Academy Program and has two primary focuses: Networking and System Administration. Students are guided to understand end user
systems/servers and how they connect to the network/Internet utilizing network topologies and cabling. Students are given experience building networks by configuring routers, using advanced routing concepts and traffic segmentation. After the networking process has been covered in detail, students are introduced to network troubleshooting techniques. The final series of topics are related to system administration. These topics include providing operational support and management for users, applications and equipment and protecting network resources using security technologies.
  • Program graduates should be employed as network administrators.
  • Program graduates should possess the CISCO Certified Network Association (CCNA) certification.
Network Management Associate of Applied Science Degree Outcomes:
  • Configure and use routing protocols, switches, and routers, and correctly document all network configurations.
  • Demonstrate a team-oriented, methodical approach to identifying and fixing network problems with the appropriate troubleshooting tools.
Associate of Applied Science Degree (CIP: 11.1002D)
First Trimester     
COSC 107 Computer Literacy 3
ITCT 111 IT Essentials I (A+) 3
ITCT 151 Network Management/Cisco I 3
ENGL 101 Composition 3
Total Credits    12
Second Trimester     
COSC 121 Introduction to Programming 3
ITCT 112 IT Essentials II (Server+) 3
ITCT 152 Network Management/Cisco II 3
MATH 120 Intermediate Algebra 3
Total Credits    12
Third Trimester     
COSC 145 Introduction to UNIX/Administration 3
ITCT 153 Network Management/Cisco III 3
MATH 121 College Algebra 3
- - COSC/ITCT Elective OR COSC 280 (Cooperative Education) 3
Total Credits    12
Fourth Trimester     
ITCT 154 Network Mgmt. CISCO IV 3
ENGL - ENGL102 (Critical Reading & Writing) OR ENGL219 (Technical Writing) 3
- - Select from (COSC/ELEC/ENGR/ITCT/GIT) courses 3
- - Select from (COSC/ELEC/ENGR/ITCT/GIT) courses 3
Total Credits    12
Fifth Trimester     
SPCH 130 Public Speaking 3
- - Select 3 from (COSC/ELEC/ENGR/ITCT/GIT) courses 9
- - Humanities/Social Science Requirement 3
Total Credits     15