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Mission Statement
The Pre-Engineering program endeavors to equip students with necessary skills in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Computer-aided Design, and lower division engineering courses, which will ensure their success in the pursuit of advanced engineering degrees.
  • Graduates should successfully transfer to and graduate from an accredited baccalaureate engineering program.
  • Graduates should apply engineering knowledge and skills to solve practical problems to benefit their communities.
  • Graduates should be employed as engineers using 21st-century tools to solve real problems.
The Pre-Engineering Program provides the Technical, Mathematics, Science, and General Education courses required in the first two (2) years of most university four-year engineering programs. The Associate of Science Degree in Pre-Engineering is a program of study requiring a suggested minimum of five (5) trimesters to satisfy the requirements of the program. The technical course requirements of 22 credit hours are computer-aided drafting and lower-level general engineering theory and lab courses designed to introduce students to various engineering disciplines and to prepare students to transfer to a four-year institution. Most courses are fully transferable for those students wishing to pursue four-year baccalaureate engineering degrees at a university.
Pre-Engineering Associate of Science (A.S.) Degree Outcomes:
  • Graduates of the A.S. in Pre-engineering program will be able to demonstrate calculus-based math and science ability.
  • Graduates of the A.S. in Pre-engineering will be able to work in teams to complete a design project.
  • Graduates will be prepared for further education in Engineering.
  • Graduates of the A.S. in Pre-engineering program will be able to contribute to an engineering project in a tribal, federal, or private context.

Associate of Science Degree (CIP: 14.0101D)
First Trimester    
ENGR 102 Advanced CAD 3
ENGR 105 Introduction to Engineering and Design 3
ENGL 101 Composition 3
MATH 162 Calculus I 4
Total Credits    13
Second Trimester    
ENGL 102 Critical Reading and Writing 3
ENGR 106 Solid Modeling 3
PHYS 160 Engineering Physics I 3
PHYS 160L Engineering Physics I Lab 1
MATH 163 Calculus II 4
Total Credits   14
Third Trimester    
ENGR 110 Computer Aided Problem Solving 3
ENGR 211 Circuit Analysis I 3
ENGR 211L Circuit Analysis I Lab 1
ENGL 219 Technical Writing 3
Total Credits    10
Fourth Trimester    
CHEM 121 General Chemistry I 3
CHEM 121L General Chemistry I Lab 1
ECON 200 Macroeconomics 3
- - Social/Behavioral Science Elective (ANTH 101 or ANTH 130) 3
- - Humanities Elective (ARTH 101, HIST 101, or HIST 161) 3
Total Credits    13
Fifth Trimester     
ENGR 205 Engineering Statics 3
ENGR 280
Engineering Internship
Design Project 
Special Topics
- - Social/Behavioral Science Elective (PSYC 105 or SOSC 101) 3
- - Humanities Elective (HIST 162, LITR 296, or SPAN 101) 3
Total Credits    12