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Network Management Intern Success

With technology changing everyday, what better way to get a front row seat than with a Network Management internship.  The Network Management Interns gained first hand experience navigating through a Local Area Network (LAN), with our very own SIPI IT Department, lead by JC Morgan.  Interns had a chance to work with network professionals, JC Morgan, Kimberly Whitney, Donavon Barney, and Courtney James.  Interns had a chance to learn about troubleshooting skills along with PC hardware. 

The IT Department would like to congratulate Matthew Neskahi, Chantell Montoya, and Jerod Plimpton for completing their Network Management Intership with abundant success.  They each completed a whopping 140 hours. Let's hear from them and their inspirational experiences...

Chantell Montoya: "With this internship I had plenty of on-hands training that assisted my comprehension of my program of study. This correlation helped me grasp the network concepts I needed for the next level. In this internship I grew professionally, and learned etiquette on how to behave in a professional environment that operates quickly. I highly recommend any future student to take advantage of the internships at SIPI, because they really get you employment ready."  


Jerod Plimpton:  "When I first started my internship I was put to work on day one which I enjoyed.  I learned the importance of organization, technical management, and got a better idea on how to build a network.  I received the chance to install network cables, experience a server environment, and work on computer hardware and operating systems.  I had the opportunity to help set up and plan deployment of the wireless access points, and I enjoyed that my peers got to benefit from my hard work.  One of my IT mentors helped me find my purpose behind working with IT, and I am happy of what I've accomplished." 

Matthew Neskahi:  "I love the hands-on approach I got with my internship here with SIPI IT.  The staff I got to work with during my internship had different expertise in IT, so I had the chance to learn from a wide array of IT specialties.  Their perspective on IT was new to me, and the IT staff taught me new skills of professionalism and soft skills.  In addition they've helped me extend my portfolio and skill set.  I have many new skills I get to add to my resume from, networking to imaging to updates, and more.  I highly encourage you to pursue this internship even if you are just thinking about it, and challenge yourself, for you will learn a whole lot guaranteed!  I want to thank the IT Department for all that they have done for my internship experience."