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Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

YDI Early Childhood Education & SIPI Lab School


SIPI Early Learning Center, located on the SIPI college campus, is an early childhood facility that is operated by YDI Head Start. The Head Start and Early Head Start program provides free preschool for children ages 6 weeks to 5-years-old. We work in collaboration with the SIPI Early Childhood to provide ECE students with an opportunity to complete practicum classes at the school.

Eligibility is generally based on family income at or below the poverty level according to the Poverty Guidelines published by the federal government. Children in foster care, homeless children, and children from families receiving public assistance (TANF or SSI) are eligible regardless of income. SIPI Early Learning Center works in collaboration with the SIPI college campus to try and accept a percentage of families that do not meet income qualification based on student enrollment at the SIPI college campus. The SIPI Early Learning Center can offer additional information on enrolling your child. They will answer questions, provide you with required forms, and tell you what documents you should bring with you to apply.

Due to limited government funding, there are not enough spaces for all eligible children. If there is not a space for you and your child at this time, ask the program to put your family on the waiting list. As of 7/7/2021 there are still several enrollment slots available for children ages 6 weeks to 24 months. Space is currently limited in our toddler and preschool classrooms. Despite the age of your child, we encourage you to put an application in as soon as possible, the school year started 7/1/2021 and spaces will become fully enrolled prior to the start of the SIPI college term. 

For the 2021-2022 school year, in-person classes will begin 8/16/2021. Until that time, SIPI Early Learning Center is providing virtual services to support the needs of your child and family. When in-person services resume, classroom hours are 8 am - 4 pm, Monday – Thursday and 8 am - 3 pm on Friday.

The Head Start program aims to support children and families in many ways including, but not limited to, the following: 

    •    We support learning through play, creative expression, and guided activities.
    •    We build strong relationships as the foundation of early learning. 
    •    We promote language and literacy development, early math and science concepts, and              positive attitudes toward learning.
    •    We promote physical development both indoors and outdoors.
    •    We serve breakfast and lunch, as well as healthy snacks.
    •    We provide medical, dental, hearing, vision, and behavioral screening.
    •    We help families find assistance in challenging times. 
    •    We help families identify and reach goals around employment, training, and parenting.
    •    We build on children's strengths and individualize experiences to meet their needs.
    •    We collaborate with community agencies when further assessment is needed.


Please bring the following documents to determine eligibility:

1) Proof of income for the past 12 months

    • Current year's income tax return
    • Check stubs or letter from current employer to verify employment status (must be on official letterhead or notarized)
    • Public assistance verification: TANF, SNAP, WIC, SSI, or VA
    • Letter of enrollment verification (for SIPI students) — acceptance letter OR current class schedule
    • Notarized letter to account for time of unemployment status

2) Child’s official birth certificate
3) Up-to-date immunization record
4) Medicaid or health insurance card
5) Names, addresses, and phone numbers for 3 local emergency contact persons (over age of 18)
6) Medical and dental provider information (name, clinic name, address, phone number)
7) Copies of current well-child check and dental exam 



For more info or to schedule an appointment, call (505) 922-6524.
Fax: (505) 922-6530

Contact: Vibeka | email: [email protected].