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Division of Student Services » Division of Student Services

Division of Student Services

DSS Mission Statement

SIPI's Student Services Division serves to provide transformational services and opportunities for students in career advancement, student life, wellness and leadership while supportive of academics to prepare, lead, and serve to educate.

DSS Vision Statement

Our Vision is to be a premier source to empower students to innovatively fulfill their dreams and professional passions through Higher Education's integrative and educational pathways.


Dr. Cecelia Cometsevah, Director of SIPI Student Services                                                                                346-7728

Leia Madalena, Program Support Assistant                                                                                                        346-7715

Janice Reid, Program Support Assistant                                                                                                              346-2337

SIPI Financial Aid/Admissions

Mr. Joseph Carpio, Supervisory Admissions & Financial Aid Specialist                                                    346-2324

Melly Mitchell, Financial Aid Specialist                          346-2344

Gloria Mariano, Financial Aid Specialist                       346-2361

Rhonda Platero, Office Automation Assistant                346-2338

Janet Sandia, Education Technician                                922-4098

Emery Arthur, Accounting Technician                            346-2374

Academic Support Services

Tawna Harrison,, First Year Counselor                      922-6516

Mechelle Crazy Thunder, Guidance Counselor          346-7740

Joanne Willie, Coaching (Tutoring)                            922-6542

Charley Baca, Substance Use                                      346-2371

Venus Etcitty, First Nations Counselor                        346-2327


Student Rights & Activities

Kathleen Yeppa, Student Services Specialist.              346-2342

Student Government Office                                          346-2337

Project Success & External Resources

Jolene Aguilar, Coordinator                                            346-2360


SIPI Housing & Recreation Program

Randy Larry, Supervisory Residential Life Specialist                                                                                        346-2327

Four Winds Lodge

Bertha Curley, Lead College Resident Assistant      346-2356

Irene Shaw, College Resident Assistant                          346-2356

Roxanna Vallo, College Resident Assistant            346-2356


Student Resident Assistant

Urbina Tso

Claudine Gatewood

Golden Eagle Lodge

Joseph Abeita, College Resident Assistant                346-2354

Leo Livingston, College Resident Assistant              346-2354

David Mike, College Resident Assistant                      346-2354

Terry Tharnish, College Resident Assistant                  346-2354

Student Resident Assistant

Brandon Bennett

Martin Williams