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Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

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Update: Phone System has been restored to normal operation.          To our visitors, welcome to SIPI, Home of the Eagles!
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Board of Regents

SIPI is advised by an eleven member Board of Regents (BOR) who represents and are appointed by the following tribal entities: Jicarilla Apache Nation, Mescalero Apache Tribe, Navajo Nation (New Mexico and Arizona), Eight Northern Pueblos, Southern Pueblos Council, Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona (North and South), Oklahoma Tribes, Northern Plains Tribes, and the SIPI Student Senate. The BOR works with the SIPI administration in determining goals and activities for long-range development. In 1974, the BOR incorporated in the State of New Mexico and the following year received IRS determination as a Non-Profit Organization under Section 501(c)(3). 

The Board of Regents has an office in the SIPI Administration Building (Building 106). This office houses various grant programs that support the mission of SIPI.
Haeyalyn Muniz, Board Chair
Jicarilla Apache Nation
Darrell Flyingman
Board Vice Chair,
Oklahoma Tribes
Esther Peterson
Board Secretary-Treasurer
Navajo Nation-Arizona-Utah
Dr. John Bush
Board Member,
Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona (South)
Francis Tafoya
Board Member,
Eight Northern Pueblos
Larry Brusuelas
Board Member,
Mescalero Apache Tribe
Bobbie Thomas
SIPI Student Government
Dr. Damon Clarke
Board Member,
Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona (North)
Adam Begay
Board Member,
Navajo Nation-
New Mexico
Dr. Curtis Chavez
Board Member,
Southern Pueblos Council 
Board Member
Northern Plains Tribes
Dr. Sherry Allison, Ex-Officio Member
SIPI President
William Lohr, Director of Development
SIPI Board of Regents
C: 505.918.4641