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Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

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The SIPI Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness strives to improve the quality and efficiency of information services to support fact-based decision making, external reporting, and the assessment of student outcomes and institutional effectiveness. The office seeks to encourage a data-driven environment by offering data collection, analysis and reporting to staff, faculty, committees, the Board of Regents and students.
Number of NASA Sponsored Mars Yards - 2
Number of Tribes Represented by Students - 71
Number of States Represented by Students - 18
Number of Students for 2016-17 Year - 558
Percentage of Native American Students - 100%
Number of Certificates & Degrees Offered - 21
Percentage of Grads Who Find Work or Transfer Within 1 Year of Graduation - 96%
Average increase in annual earnings for SIPI degree holders - $9,300 per year
Average lifetime earnings increase for SIPI degree holders (over 40 year career) - $372,000
SIPI ranking of community colleges (by WalletHub) - #12 in the nation
Average annual earnings of SIPI grads in first job out of college - $26,714

SIPI graduates have transferred to some of the best four-year colleges and universities in the nation, including Stanford University, Harvard University, the University of Notre Dame, the University of California at Berkeley, Dartmouth College, Syracuse University, Carnegie Mellon University, Occidental College, and hundreds of others