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Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute


Residential Life features two (2) traditional style residential facilities which provides accommodations for approximately 256 students. Residential Life supervises, organizes and facilities recreational activities, intramurals, extramurals, and other wellness programs. 


The main goal of Residential Life is to provide a safe learning environment with social and academic support. A large component of the educational experience is learning to live and interact with people from different tribal, racial, and economic backgrounds. Students are provided the tools & skills to assist with development and a growing sense of maturity and responsibility by participating in student activities within the residential facilities and through the college campus.


Submit your Housing Application as soon as possible for approval. Rooms are given on a first come first serve basis each trimester. Each application is reviewed by the Housing director and staff. Once you have been notified of your acceptance to the Housing Program, you need to submit your payment of $75.00 in money order form. In the event the dorms become full, the remaining applications will be placed on a wait list in the chronological order it was received. Students on the wait list must be enrolled in classes with 12 or more credit hours.


Residential Living

accommodates male identifying students accommodates female identifying students
SIPI Residential Life does not have co-ed residential halls or married/family housing
Room Accommodations
Each room accommodates two to three (2-3) residents. Rooms have wall to wall carpeting, twin sized beds (xl 36x80), study desks, chairs, wastebaskets, wardrobes.
What To Bring Amenities
Sheets Laundry Facilities
Blankets Kitchenettes
Towels Vacuum Cleaners
Clothes Hangers TV Lounge Areas
Trash Bags Ironing Boards
Laundry Bags / Basket Computer Lab
Laundry Soap Microwaves
Personal Hygiene Supplies Snack/Drink Vending Machines
Combination Lock Post Office Box
Snacks Study Areas
Blue Bar
Appliances Allowed Appliances Not Allowed (Prohibited in Rooms)
Electric Clock Mini Fridges
Hair Dryer Hot Plates
Small Stereos Space Heaters
Private Car Usage

Parking Lots are available throughout campus. Students must register their private automobile with the Campus Security Office. Please provide proper liability insurance, current state registration, and valid driver's license when registering.


Due to SIPI's limited transportation services, you will need to make your own travel arrangements from the airport, bus depot, or train station when arriving in Albuquerque to SIPI.

Mission Statement

The mission for Residential Life and Wellness Programs is to provide a safe, comfortable living environment that ensures student success for the residential student. Residential Life & Wellness Programs is committed to is committed to providing a living and learning environment conducive to student development.