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Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

Vision Care Technology

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The Vision Care Technology Program is a comprehensive formal education and training program in the field of vision eye care. Program courses are designed to lead students into careers as opticians, ophthalmic dispensers, ophthalmic optical laboratory technicians, or ophthalmic technicians/assistants. The foundation of the Vision Care Technology Program is based on the specialized skill trade of opticianry. Students receive theoretical and laboratory experiences in optics, enabling them to develop & apply practical and laboratory experiences in a supervised working environment. Students engage & identify specific eye care needs through the analyzing of an eye doctor's refractive correction prescription.
The Program provides students with a learning environment parallel to current local and national industry practices of the optician. It also combines knowledge of theory & clinical procedures with skills and the ability to work well with patients in the fitting & adapting of ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses, and devices that aid in providing comfortable & effective vision. The optician interprets prescriptions, measures, adapts, selects and fits eyeglasses or contact lenses for the correction of visual and ocular anomalies.
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